With over 60 years combined experience between the partners there is very little the PDW Australia cannot help you with when it comes to the Telco industry.

We’ve successfully undertaken telco work in some of the harshest environments in Victoria, ranging from the remote wilderness through to the high-rise roof tops in the Melbourne CBD. From Darwin to Hobart and everywhere in between.

PDW can also provide project management if you require a full turnkey solution.

PDW provides the following telecommunications services:

  • Mains Power installation and connection
  • Earth grids and lightning protection
  • Cable gantries and cable trays
  • DC Testing and commissioning
  • Access tracks and site cuts
  • Pole and tower footings and erections
  • Compound fencing
  • In situ room builds
  • Antenna mount manufacture and installation
  • Juralco walk ways
  • Roof steel work
  • Shelter alterations
  • Gland window installs
  • Air conditioning upgrades

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