Lightning Protection

PDW Australia provides an end to end service for Lightning Protection (LP) or High Voltage installations.

We are one of the leading installers of lighting protection solutions within Victoria with many years of experience behind us. Together with our supply partner Lighting Protection International Pty Ltd (LPI), we can either supply and install for you - or simply supply the materials for you to install.

Starting from the design and procurement phase to installation – PDW’s expertise ranges from residential properties, through to multi-story public buildings and high-rise apartments.

We can supply all your lightning protection materials, from down conductors and finials, to earth stakes and pits, we also stock a large quantity of exothermic weld products.

PDW can also supply you with earth bars of description, we also stock the Telstra, Optus and VHA standard earth bars - but can also manufacture any bar to suit your needs.

We can also help with any design needs you have and customise a solution to suit your situation, whether it be a conventional copper or aluminium finial and tape system, or a system that incorporates an ESE terminal and HV down conductor.

PDW’s capabilities also includes earthing, including soil resistivity testing, engineering solution designs, materials supplies and installation.

PDW also can provide a yearly or bi-annual testing of your lightning and earthing system in accordance with the Australian Standards. We can provide full test documentation for the site, includes a written report, photos of any potential problems and test results for the earth stakes.

For all lightning protection enquiries please contact lightning specialist Kaine Barker on 0411 296 169 or email

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