Solar Solutions

Solar Build

In combining our extensive solar electrical capability and rich project management experience, PDW Renewables is well credentialed to take on any sized solar build project.

It doesn’t matter if its 20 panels or 20,000 panels, success is about having the correct quality control standards, proven methodologies and structures in place that enables us to meet your build objectives.

Our engineers have designed and delivered innovative solutions for some of the most challenging and complex energy build projects in Australia.

As part of the initial engagement, PDW Renewables undertakes a rigorous discovery process to ensure that the proposed design will yield the desired business benefits for our clients.

From there PDW Renewables can assist with the permit approval process, including form completion (where clients review and submit themselves) through to an outsourced preparation and submission.

PDW Renewables can also engage with stakeholders on your behalf, including energy regulators, as well as state and local government departments. We can help draft the lower level documentation such as waste management plans, traffic management and road closure plans, but our expertise also extends all the way up to gaining HV certifications.

Once approval is granted, PDW Renewables offers a full site preparation solution, which covers everything from surveying to access tracks and amenities, through to soil and geo testing.

Over time PDW Renewables has built a panel of preferred suppliers that we know we can count on and ensure our clients procurement needs are well met. So whether its inverters, optimisers or panels, you can be assured that we will be striving to give you the most competitive price we can.

Once approval process is complete PDW Renewables will project manage the end-to-end build, including the civils + forming, installation and finally connection to the grid. If you have completed the pre-build elements yourself and you need a dependable outfit to construct your plans into reality, PDW is able to take on from that point.

We can also assist with certification – depending on the supply authority is Power Corp (200kw +) or if its below 200kw then we are certified to do it.

The finals step in the build process is the all important hand over, where the formal documentation is exchanged, and your site is transitioned into operational support and maintenance.

PDW’s integrated management systems track and report project performance (inc status, risks/issue management). We provide our clients with secure access, so at any time through the build process  you can check progress against the baselined schedule.

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