Solar Solutions


It is ironic that an industry built on the aspirations of renewable energies pays little attention to what happens to the solar hardware at the end of its lifecycle.

PDW Renewables is leading the way in being offering recycling services, so you can rest assured that you are not just creating a whole new problem of ‘r-waste’ for the environment.

Estimates say that there are 45million solar panels installed in Australia alone. The benefits of having a proper recycling program in place are obvious as these panels come out of their useful lifecycle in terms of their environmental and economic impacts.

For all of their environmental benefits, solar panels are potentially harmful to the environment if they end up in land fill, with toxins entering soil and groundwater.

PDW Renewables can ensure that the materials recovered from your old decommissioned system and solar panels will be reused and upcycled where possible.

So whether it’s a residential, council or large scale commercial installation, we can help you dispose of your legacy system whilst minimising your environmental impact.

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